Album release concert

“If the Mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The concert has been postponed due to a Covid-19 related issue, the new date is May 8th. 

ALBUM RELEASE (STREAMING CONCERT) – May 8th 9 PM (GMT+1), in direct and available for 7 days.

Since the album release concert for Blazin’ Quartet’s new album Sleeping Beauty was cancelled, we’ll be ensuring the highest quality audio and live 5 camera video coverage in the amazing space of the Studio de l’Ermitage in Paris and bring the music into your living room, bedroom or wherever you choose to watch. 

To make this possible we need your participation!

A streaming concert has an actually higher budget then a regular concert (video, sound etc), to get your ticket please chose one of the following:

10€ : streaming link 


20€ : streaming link + signed CD


30€ : streaming link + signed CD + signed other CD from the catalogue


100€ : streaming link + all of the above + an edited and mixed video of the concert and a limited edition live CD, from this concert.


All CDs include digital downloads.

Introducing an all-new line-up with album guest Magic Malik on flute, Olivier Laisney on trumpet, Manu Codjia on guitar, Yoni Zelnik on bass, Srdjan Ivanovic on drums, and an especially special guest, the artist-formerly-playing-with-Blazin’-Quartet – Christophe Panzani on the tenor sax.

After the show we’ll have a chat at-the-bar, just like at a real concert and you can ask questions through comments, about the new album, the concert, Srdjan’s new electronic box, or life in general.