The Music

Srdjan Ivanovic – Xénos

Jovana Krstevska – chant
Robby Marshal – saxophone ténor, kaval
Hugo Corbin – guitare
Timothée Robert – basse
Srdjan Ivanovic – batterie

Srdjan Ivanovic – Xénos

Xénos, «étranger» en grec, est un projet de chansons qui unit son passé dans une série de chansons inspirées de ses voyages passés.

Xenos, meaning foreigner in Greek, is a song oriented project unifying his past in a collection of songs from or inspired by his past journeys.



I started Blazin’ Quartet off together with saxophonist Alex Simu in 2008 and since then it’s been an ongoing project. Next to Alex, trombonist Michael Rörby joined us to make a unique harmony-less formation. Replacing Daniel Lottersberger, the band’s then bassist, at the semi-finals of Dutch Jazz Competition, bassist Mihail Ivanov was the missing link.

The band recorded it’s debut album Finding A Way in this formation and after Alex left, it continued it’s path with saxophonist Joao Driessen. In this setting and with producer and guitarist/vocalist Antonije Pusic aka Rambo Amadeus and scratcher Zlatko Baracskai we recorded Jalkan Bazz – the group’s second album.

Following my move to Paris in 2014, BQ has assembled anew, featuring trumpet player Andreas Polyzogopoulos and saxophonist Christophe Panzani and bassist Mihail Ivanov. The new album, with the short and easily rememberable title “La mer, la pierre, la terre, l’oiseau” came out in May 2017 and also features guitarist Federico Casagrande, bassists Timothée Robert and Marc Buronfosse as well as singer Jovana Krstevska.

Check it out on the web (links below) and, see the making of video below !

Hear (or buy) the album on: Bandcamp (our prefered), Spotify, Deezer or iTunes


Brave and intriguing performance deserving future hearings.

Jazz Journal, UK

Sophisticated and carefully orchestrated.

Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji, Poland

The relationship between tradition and modern, “good old” times and contemporary approach to music – is the turning point of the whole present and future jazz scene. Is there a golden mean, a ground on which these two seemingly opposed tendencies meet and coexist?

The eleven-piece band of pianist and composer Vladimir Nikolov and drummer Srdjan Ivanović seems to be trying to provide an answer to this question. Two Balkan musicians of the younger generation with respectable foreign careers are the right choice for this kind of experiment. While Nikolov is prominent in his work with world orchestras and ensembles, active on film projects such as Oscar-winning “The Artist”, Ivanović is somewhat more active in smaller formations. The audience knows him as the leader of the band Blazin Quartet, presenting the original vision of joining modern European jazz with Balkan influences.


Christophe Panzani – Tenor Saxophone
Timothée Robert – Bass
Srdjan Ivanovic – Drums

A new trio with 3 aligned great musicians. Influenced by rock and electronic music it’s a small band with a big sound and a wide sonic palette.


Guitarist Hugo Corbin will be releasing his debut album in the beginning of 2019, featuring saxophonist Adrien Sanchez, bassist Marc Buronfosse and drummer Srdjan Ivanovic. Keep an ear out for it!

Music for the film “DE MAN MET 100 KINDEREN” by film director Vuk Janic

Working together with director Vuk Janic, arranger Vladimir Nikolov and with the supervision of Leo Anemaet I wrote music for this documentary film produced by KeyDOCS.

You can watch the film here and you can hear the music in the soundcloud playlist.