Blazin’ Quartet’s new album pre-sale/crowdfunding has begun

Posted by Srdjan Ivanovic on February 26, 2017 Blog | News | Tags: | No comments

Dear friends,

Living a musician’s life is not easy. Travelling in fast trains and airplanes, having to attend concerts and gala events, struggling to make it from recording to concert and sometimes even having to do rehearsals!! On the good side there’s the money, the fame and the social privileges.

Speaking of money, there are more important things in life (diamonds, gold, real estate) but for the release of Blazin’ Quartet’s new album we do need some support in order to properly release it. So, a crowdfunding has been launched for that purpose and you are kindly invited to check it out and support. If you do, you will be the first to get the new album, a high quality download with some extras added and some really nice rewards, like the BQ magic mug.

See more about that here: https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/blazin-quartet-la-mer-la-pierre-la-terre-l-oiseau

Being a multilingual person (not really by choice) I’ve translated the website in a few other languages so if you prefer you can go the the French, Dutch or Italian version. (Italian I do not speak but my partner in many crimes Catherine F. Simon has among many other things helped out there!)

Otherwise, in the last few months, since I last wrote, I’ve been travelling around, both for music and pleasure to Serbia, Bosnia, New York, Albany, Adirondacks, Geneva and as I write I am in the outskirts of a small city in Switzerland called Fribourg. I’ve been playing with some different people like Marc Buronfosse’s Sketch Trio, Hugo Corbin Quartet, Yannick Benoit Trio, the group Diplodocus, the Srdjan Grujicic OrKestre and Blazin’ Quartet, who’s concert was filmed and recorded and this EPK came out as a result. Some other exciting news are that I will be doing music for a music-theatre collective called MC Kassett. The play, called HOOFDROL (transl.: Leading role) is a play based on the seemingly contrasting figures of Jayne Mansfield and Artur Schopenhauer and will feature some new music and some Blazin’ Quartet music, played live by a trio I put together, consisting of Joao Driessen on tenor sax, EWI and Daan Herweg on keys and synth. Other nice upcoming news are playing the 10th of March with the giutarist Hugo Corbin’s Quartet (Christophe Panzani – tenor sax, Nico Moreau – bass) at the Paris/Prague Jazz Club. (facebook invite here) and in April the pre-release tour with Blazin’ Quartet in Serbia (3-7 April in Pancevo, Novi Sad, Subotica, Kragujevac and Belgrade).

Hope to cross paths with you sometime in the coming time,