Blazin’ Quartet

Srdjan Ivanovic Blazin’ Quartet         


I started Blazin’ Quartet off together with saxophonist Alex Simu in 2008 and since then it’s been an ongoing project. Next to Alex, trombonist Michael Rörby joined us to make a unique harmony-less formation. Replacing Daniel Lottersberger, the band’s then bassist, at the semi-finals of Dutch Jazz Competition, bassist Mihail Ivanov was the missing link and after winning the best soloist prize of the DJC I had no choice but to make him a permanent member.

The band recorded it’s debut album Finding A Way in this formation and after Alex left, it continued it’s path with saxophonist Joao Driessen. In this setting and with producer and guitarist/vocalist Antonije Pusic aka Rambo Amadeus and scratcher Zlatko Baracskai we recorded Jalkan Bazz – the group’s second album.

In the search for a new sound the band was playing in 2013 and 2014 with greek trumpetist Andreas Polyzogopoulos while still appearing from time to time in the older setup.

The music I’ve been up to lately has been asking for a harmonic instrument and since we’ve been playing both with Andreas and Joao the idea of combining that all came about and formed into the Blazin’ Collective. With Franz von Chossy on piano this is a harmonically, melodically and rhythmically strong group and I look forward to playing more in this bigger setting.

Here is a sample of the Collective, recorded at a concert in Amsterdam:

Following my move to Paris in 2014, BQ was put on hold for a while but after settling in the vibe in the new city, I’ve assembled the band anew and recorded a new album, with the short and easily rememberable title “La mer, la pierre, la terre, l’oiseau”.

Check it out on the web (links below) and, see the making of video below !

Hear (or buy) the album on: Bandcamp (our prefered), Spotify, Deezer or iTunes